I moved and now I have my own space to use as an Art Studio!

It’s been a dream of mine for a while to get to have my own art studio.

Till now, probably as many of you out there, I worked on a desk on my bedroom & had to share it with any other project I might have to get done for Uni. (aka – most times – sewing machine)

Now, I know it wasn’t so bad.

But it does feel nice when you get your own space to organize and set up your art stuff. Maybe leave the easel on the desk if you need to keep using it, cause it won’t bother anyone!

This is gonna be a different, shorter & more graphic post that the ones I usually do, jut to keep it flowy and entertaining!

As I know some of this stuff is usually better shown on a video, I’m gonna link you here to my video Art Studio Tour on Youtube& face reveal, if your curious! – but still will post lots of pictures down here to show you my space!

home art studio tour artist
home art studio tour artist

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To my parent’s…

Well, yes but not exactly.

A few years back, when I started university, I was put on one that was really outside Madrid.

Usually, here in Spain, you go to the closest universities you can, mostly to have an hour-two commute at most. And that’s only if you live in small towns.

So, I had a three hour (a bit less, but the waiting for busses & trains often made it 3) commute to get there & the same back. Six hours commute a day. Five days a week.

I did my best not to complain too much but it was tiring and I barely had time to get my assignments done, sleep enough or anything, really. – I’m kind of glad that I’m an introvert or I would have gone mental cause no time to go out either.

I didn’t have time to work either to sustain myself there and my parents where getting out of a rough money patch.

Eventually, we realised flats there were quite inexpensive – old, but not too expensive – and with my father being a contractor I suggested they might want to buy something, fix it and then rent the rooms so they can make back some of the money they were spending on me being there. (I had moved with a friend from uni then to the town the university was in.)

So they did! And we spend a year fixing it with only me living in it. Sometimes in really crazy, precarious situations.

But that’s a story for another day!


By the time we were done with it, the flat looked modern, brand-new, spacious and really comfortable. And completely to my taste! – cause my dad usually lets me and my mom choose those things.

It has three rooms, so I kept one and we rented the others. Helping my parents make back some of the expenses.

Last year was my final university year, – till Spring of 2020 – so my boyfriend and I had been testing the waters & saving to see if my parents would let us live there by then.

After making a few deals, we moved in at the beginning of September, 2020!

home art studio tour artist
My bright art studio!

I must say, neither the flat or the studio is fully accomodated to our tastes & decor cause we don’t currently have the budget.

We’re taking it slowly, so far we bought only what was most necesary and made use of what we had already.

So, you see, my studio is still a bit bare so far but it has all I need to work!


home art studio tour artist
My desk set up – Backgrounds by lovely Djamila Knopf

I have quite a big desk I got a while back because the computer & tablet take a good bunch of space.

By the way, this tablet is the Wacom Cintiq 16, I have a review of it here.

And then I also work traditionally, so I need to be able to set aside some space by just moving things around slightly. – before I usually had to unplug and take out the tablet every time…

I plan to get a tilted desk (or drafting table) to dedicate to traditional work in the future, but for now this has to do!

When Im only working on my computer, I pull the tablet to the side or back and the keyboard forward and done!

My boyfirend custom-built my computer for me, so it meets my tech needs quite well!

home art studio tour artist

You can see, there’s still some extra space on my desk to work traditionally and on the right hand I have a wardrobe that I keep as storage.

I usually like to work in front of my computer to keep references open. Sometimes I even use the two screens (with the tablet) to be able to watch yt videos or shows at the same time!

I have chairs arround that were left at the house cause they serve me to keep certain stuff at hand without cluttering my desk.

Yes, I will get drawers later.

Other bits of my studio:

home art studio tour artist
Prints by me (bottom), Tanya Shatseva, Djamila Knopf, Mab Graves & Audra Auclair (top).

I have this big shelves that I plan to fill with artbooks. One day. So far, I have at least managed to have an artbook shelf that I love.

This one:

home art studio tour artist
It’s not filled, but I like how it looks & the set up.

I’ll have a list bellow of the artbooks I own in case you want to get some or just know their names.

Gotta thank my boyfriend for at least half of these books hehe.

home art studio tour artist

For now, it also serves as storage for certain art supplies that I want at hand.

Oh, and to keep decorated with some of the prints I have from other artists till I manage to get frames & hang them.

home art studio tour artist
Prints by Djamila Knopf & Abigail Larson.

That’s all for my Art Studio!

home art studio tour artist

Yes, there’s an old printer in the corner. It’s there cause – surprisingly – it’s has a really good scanning quality. I use it to scan all my work. I don’t have a place to put it yet, so it’s just there, at hand in case I need it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention! I have quite a nice view, look:

window view park trees greenery

The big tree in the left corner it’s actually what you can see most while looking out.

I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope I can update you in the future with a little bit more of a cosy set up!

For now, I’m really gratefull I have this space.

Oh, and lastly, I wanted to leave you with a pic of my little studio companion.

home plant ficus bonsai
I really want to get more plants in the house 💚

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