Recount of my work for this year.

Inktober 2019 is over. Yep, that’s it.

For me, it ended a few weeks ago but it didn’t feel like it till now.

Everything seems to have slowed down, you feel lazy and tired…

Well, I’m gonna keep it brief on this post and just show you my recount for this years’ Inktober.

I got 19 pieces out of 31 and it felt like more than enough with my energy this year.

inktober challenge 2019 recount
inktober challenge 2019 recount

Even though I didn’t finish it I still wanted to do this recount and also, I recorded an Inktober 2019 sketchbook tour over on my YouTube channel.

I’ll leave it here, in case you’ll rather watch it. If not, you can scroll down and see the pieces.


Here we go, my ink pieces for this year.

inktober 2019 ink vampires sketch
Day 1 – Vampire Sketch
inktober 2019 ink vampires
Finished Vampire piece

After this day I realised I had to avoid liquid media on this paper. I added little dabs of colour here and there but it was really controlled and I had to be extremely careful.

inktober 2019 ink carrie stephen king sketch
Sketch for day 2 – Carrie
inktober 2019 ink carrie stephen king
Day 2 – Carrie (finished)

inktober 2019 ink ghost
For day 3 – Ghost
inktober 2019 ink octopus girl
Day 4 – Octopus girl.
the twins inktober 2019 kubo and the 2 strings
Inspired by the movie Kubo and the tho strings: The sisters – Day 5

My first attempt at drawing a full piece with a ballpoint pen. Not too bad of a first experience.

inktober 2019 ink black dog biro pen
Day 6 – Black Dog
inktober 2019 ink dark crystal
Dark Crystal – Day 7

Aaand another attempt at a ballpoint pen drawing. I don’t like this one as much though… – came to like it after a while tho

inktober 2019 ink broken biro pen
Day 8 – Frail
inktober 2019 ink wenesday addams family
Day 9 – Wednesday Addams

There’s always a bit of fan art on my Inktobers, I can’t help it!

inktober 2019 ink witch
Day 10 – witch

This next one is a redraw from an old piece. If you want to see a side by side comparison click on the image.

inktober 2019 ink athen atenea greek mithology
Day 11 – Artemis redraw
inktober 2019 ink haku dragon spirited away
Day 12 – Dragon (Haku)

I absolutely had to add something from Studio Ghibli. I always do!

inktober 2019 ink smoke smoking
Day 13 – Ashes
inktober 2019 ink creepy tree
14 – Overgrown

I took a little 2-day break here.

inktober 2019 ink nimuhe
Day 15 – Legend
inktober 2019 ink fall
16 – Nightmare; falling
weird sisters enamel pin design inktober 2019 chilling adventures of sabrina
Day 17 – Weird sisters

This weird sisters drawing was one of my favourites for this Inktober. I actually made pins adapting this design – that you can buy here – and wrote a detailed blog post about how to do your own enamel pins, step by step!

And the next one, a really important one to reflect my feelings during this month.

inktober 2019 depression ink
Day 18 – Dark Cloud

This last one was another redraw, again you can see it over on my Instagram if you click on the photo.

inktober 2019 ink wolfgirl werewolf
Day 19 – Werewolf

And that’s it! I cut it a little short there, as I already said on other posts but it was for the better.

I hope you liked it! Which one is your favourite/favourites?


Well, after this weird Inktober of 2019 I’m balancing two things.

One might be taking on something like Slowvember for a change of pace – even if it’s not exactly in November. I talk further about it in this post.

Update: I will talk soon about my plans for this year – 2020 – that I hope will be a bit better than this last one. If you want to stay updated sign up for my mailing list!

And while you’re at it, you get a bunch of awesome freebies!

Another one would be keeping up with my Landscape sketching with watercolour and gouache on Schoolism that I had to leave behind this past month – read my full post on Schoolism and on this class here (& more after I finish it).


Just in case you missed it or you want to read more, I decided to conclude my collection of Inktober posts for this year with a list of them.

Maybe you can find here some tips that would help you make your next Inktober easier!